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As I reflect on the past year, It really has been relentless, I mean the pandemic was one thing but my way of coping was just to work. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved with Muslamic Makers but it was pretty non stop. From March 2020, I was re-building a whole new team of volunteers while at the same time pivoting our very in-person community to be online first. From September 2020 to January 2021 we ran our first pilot kickstarter programme and then from January 2021 to March 2021 we finally worked on our 5 year impact report and…

In October 2020, I was incredibly honoured to have been selected by Ada Ventures as a member of their first ‘Ada Angels’ cohort. The last 4 months have taught me a lot and in this blog, I reflect on things I’ve learned.

Upskilling in Financial Literacy

I was first introduced to the world of venture capital back in 2013 when I remember a moment when I was in the Wayra Unltd accelerator and I accidentally co-founded a start-up when I had just graduated from university. Back then it was my co-founder and CEO that dealt with the investors. Andy Davis

Published December 21, 2020

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re well and safe. Slightly delayed in the schedule but reflecting on the year was a long process so it’s a long email but hope you enjoy the read.

Back in April I started a blog post called entering week 5 of lockdown, capturing all the anxiety I was feeling. I never posted it but now re-reading it, I can see how scared and worried I was but also how I was getting desensitized. At this point in time the numbers were scary. Now in December, the numbers are just a fact…

Published November 11th 2020

Hey All,

I hope you’re all well. It’s a bit of a long email but one full of tips on how to build positive relationships, how people make things happen and a fun challenge at the end!

One of my biggest superpowers is having positive relationships and the web of connections I’ve spun around me over the last 10 years. Having a useful network is what helps open many doors and can make things happen very quickly. I also believe connections help with social mobility. I never had professional connections while growing up. It was in…

Published: 13th October 2020


Thank you so much for signing up to my newsletter. I’m so excited that I have the privilege of being in the inbox of over 100 of you all. Your support is very much appreciated.

Writing is something I have a love and hate relationship with and it’s not my strongest skill set due to having a learning difficulty too but with you all signed up, it’s finally motivated me to get over myself and just try.

I’ll start with some big news!

Today it’s finally been announced that I alongside 4 other incredible people…

I’m trying to write this post using my headset by speaking into the computer. I’ve never been the best of writers and that’s always been a real struggle for getting my story out there.

Nine years ago, I got diagnosed with a learning disability called ‘dysgraphia’. I was in my final year of university and had finished my exams and assignments at this point and I finally got told why I had been struggling for so long.

It felt really late at that point because I’d already been through the education system. I never got the help that I needed…

How do you rebuild a community?

You founded a community, it was exciting and energising in the beginning and then, somehow along the way, you lost the passion. That is part of the normal cycle of communities.

As some of you may know I now run and develop communities for a living at the Government Digital Service. I run a community of practice for the Product Management and Delivery Management professions but I also ended up helping to start the Muslims at GDS community and co-founded the Muslamic Makers community

Each of these communities are at different stages in their…

An introduction

I’ve been wanting to write for a while. I want to make it a thing but the truth is I really struggle with writing.

It dawned on me recently that I often do public speaking and there are things I have prepped that are sitting gathering dust in google docs so it would be worth digging them out and re-purposing them as blog posts.

Me at Open Iftar 2019

The below is a speech I gave at Open Iftar in May 2019. It’s about social cohesion and the lessons I learned from setting up a community.

Lessons we’ve learned running Muslamic Makers

Muslamic Makers started as a meetup community…

What is a Community Development Manager?

I started a new job this month at Government Digital Services. My official title is Community Development Manager: Product and Delivery Manager Communities. Yes it’s a mouthful but I finally feel like I found a job that is very “me”. Anyone who knows me knows that from day dot I’ve always been a community enabler from school councils to co-founding Muslamic Makers — a diverse community of Muslims who are making and changing things.

I’ve been fortunate to have done lots of different types of jobs. I’ve been a bit of a shapeshifter but…

The first 6 months of this year were hard. The last 6 months were the biggest blessing ever BUT it’s important to reflect on the lessons you learned along the way, whilst celebrating the blessings that happened too… so here are some thoughts and ramblings!

Mental health

I’ve always been worrier. I overthink and panic. I used to think this was just a the “Arfah way” until I started realise there is thing called anxiety and the worry cycle. I reluctantly decided to seek help. It took 6 months for my first appointment to come through and those 6…


@muslamicmakers co-founder | @adaventures Angel | Fellowship Programme Manager at @GDSteam | @WCMTUK fellow. Full of random rambles.

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