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  • Razwana Yousaf

    Razwana Yousaf

  • Dominic Campbell

    Dominic Campbell

    Partner, Impossible Ideas Inc. | Designing Next Generation Public Services

  • Jessica Stacey

    Jessica Stacey

    Partner at Bethnal Green Ventures, an accelerator for tech startups tackling tough social and environmental challenges

  • Rochelle Recharged

    Rochelle Recharged

    Lawyer, and Mum. Love legal things especially Intellectual Property. Love my kids more. Sometime crocheter and poet.

  • Maggie Serino

    Maggie Serino

    Web developer, space nerd and bookworm.

  • Abdul Shakur

    Abdul Shakur

    CEO at Shakur Investments. — Advisor to Senior Execs, HNWI & Family Offices. Fixed returns and co-investment opportunities in property developments.

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