Hacks for planning a big trip abroad!

A year ago I was at a point where my personal life wasn’t going anywhere (It still isn’t) and having been in a stable job for a while, I felt like I needed to do something to mix my life up. What I didn’t realise was a year on I’d be completely be in the unknown. No longer do I have the stable job but I’ve decided to take a few months out to focus on my Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. On this travelling fellowship I’ll be visiting America, Pakistan and UAE to explore the potential for greater participation in the technology sector among Muslim women. If you’re a British Citizen who wants to travel to carry out a research project overseas then I really recommend applying.

I’ll be on a journey to discover more muslim women in tech like me.

I’m currently in America! I’ve never lived out or travelled alone before.

here is a lot of tools and hacks that I’ve picked up when I was planning this trip so for anyone planning their next holiday or work trip abroad here are some hacks!

Book flexible accommodation

Plans change and it’s important you don’t face a financial penalty so make sure you book accommodation that allows you to cancel or rearrange. If using Airbnb like I am for the first time make sure you read all the reviews on your host before booking and use the app as a way to keep in touch with your host.

Use Trello

Trello is a project management tool but it’s also tool you can use for travelling too.

A friend of mine shared her trello board of things to do in America which was a good way to organize and now I’ve used it for everything from keeping keeping track of contacts as a personal CRM system to keeping track of everything I pack. I know people say they leave a part of their heart in a city but I don’t want to be leaving my glass slipper in each city because I ain’t Cinderella!

Plan using My Maps.

Another tool that that I’ve found super useful is My Maps on Google. My Maps is a feature on Google Maps where you can create custom maps and pin certain locations I’ve pinned tourist attractions to mosques to halal food which means when I’m there it can be super easy for me to navigate from one place to the next. You can use symbols and colours as a way to differentiate between different things.

These tools have really helped me get organized. Do you have any tips? Leave a comment below.

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