Rebuilding and Re-energising a community

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a picture with some of the values written out on sticky notes from the community like inclusive, halal, safe space
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  1. Socials: There tends to be a good 2–3 month gap between our Muslamic Makers events, this team wanted to find a way to keep those relationships going and allow people to build connections in a fun social setting. The first social is happening this Friday and then there is another planned for November!
  2. Hackathon: A weekend event to solve a common problem in a community, what was great here is that we are currently in discussion about putting on an event in the new year and now I know who is passionate about it I can rope them into it!
  3. Book-Club: People want to read more but they also want to be held accountable so by creating a book-club to share books and discuss what they learned will hopefully make people read more.
  4. The Elephant in the room: An event twice a year to address failure as well as taboo events — it’s a great idea and one we can easily make a reality
  5. 20% Time: Finding a way to connect the community with each other by hosting a pitching event to enable people to collaborate.



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